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Category Archives: Timesharing


Celebrating Holidays with Your Children, Post Divorce

By Trachman & Ballot-Lena, P.A. |

As we get closer into the holiday season, as family law attorneys, we hear a lot of concerns about how the holidays can be especially challenging for families during and/or after divorce. Many questions we receive are focused on how one should interact with one’s ex during the holidays post-divorce, as well as what… Read More »

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What Does “Healthy” Co-Parenting Look Like?

By Trachman & Ballot-Lena, P.A. |

Many divorced parents find themselves asking what healthy co-parenting actually means and looks like in effect. According to experts, one of the basic tenets of healthy co-parenting is the belief that children can suffer if parents fail to be consistent and unified in their parenting/messaging. Honest and open communication is another policy often suggested… Read More »

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