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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

The single most important step you can take after an arrest is to contact an experienced local criminal defense attorney. Anything you say to the police without your lawyer present will more likely hurt you than help you, even if you are totally innocent and merely trying to explain the situation. Once the police have advised you that you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, your best move is to heed that advice, don’t say anything and call Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyers Trachman & Ballot-Lena, PA. That warning is there to protect you and to make sure you have full access to your Constitutional rights as a person accused of a crime.

At Trachman & Ballot-Lena, PA, we have 45 years of experience defending people charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Broward County and federal courts. Call our office for help with any criminal legal matter in Fort Lauderdale, including all of the following:


Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Robert Trachman has 45 years of experience defending people charged with driving under the influence. It is not uncommon for police to make errors during DUI stops which can lead to a dismissal of charges when uncovered by an experienced and astute criminal defense attorney.

Drug Crimes

Florida state and federal drug laws are vigorously enforced and prosecuted in Fort Lauderdale. This overzealous attitude of law enforcement means that they frequently make mistakes in conducting arrests, handling evidence or pursuing a prosecution. We represent people charged with the full range of state and federal drug offenses, including possession, possession with intent to sell, drug trafficking and more.

Theft Offenses

Whether shoplifting or other theft offenses are charged as petit theft (a misdemeanor) or grand theft (a felony) depends in part on the value of the property involved. Even misdemeanor theft is considered to be a crime of moral turpitude which calls into question your honesty and reliability, characteristics which can be important to getting or keeping many different types of jobs. Prosecutors must prove every element of the crime in order to secure a conviction, including the intent to steal. We use all available defenses in the representation of clients accused of theft offenses.


Burglary – breaking into a dwelling or other structure with the intent to steal or commit a crime inside – is treated very seriously in Florida and can even carry a penalty of life in prison upon conviction. Be sure to obtain strong representation from knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys with courtroom experience.


Robbery, or taking money or property from another by the use or threat of force, is considered a violent crime and carries the potential for harsh criminal penalties.


Florida’s 10-20-Life law imposes strict mandatory prison penalties on persons convicted of a crime in which a firearm was involved, even if no shots were ever fired. The so-called repeal of 10-20-Life in 2016 only removed aggravated assault with a firearm from the law; tough penalties and harsh gun laws still remain for a number of offenses, and prosecutors often have wide latitude on deciding what offense to charge a person with.

White Collar Crime

White collar crimes are generally defined as those accomplished through fraud or deceit rather than the use or threat of force. White collar crimes are often highly technical offenses outlined in lengthy, complicated state and federal statutes. These laws are so complex that legal experts often disagree over what type of conduct constitutes a violation of the statute. Law enforcement agents may spend months or years building a case, often seeking to interview “persons of interest” who quickly become suspects after speaking to officers without an attorney present. Call our office if you have been arrested or approached regarding any white collar criminal offense, including embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion or identity theft.

Computer Crimes

Computer and internet crimes range from email fraud to child pornography. State and federal agencies have powerful tools and resources at their disposal to build a case; you need a lawyer on your side who is up to date on the latest technology and the frontiers of computer-related criminal offenses.

Sex Offenses

Sex crimes carry a stigma like no other, along with the crippling effects of being forced onto the sex offender registry for life. All persons accused of a crime have a right to be treated fairly, to be represented by an attorney, and to use all available defenses on their behalf. We approach your case with sensitivity to the issues involved and a strong commitment to seeing that your constitutional rights are respected.


Homicide prosecutions can truly be a matter of life and death for the person accused. Prosecutors may invoke the most serious manslaughter or murder charges, knowing that a jury can always convict an individual of a lesser included offense. We understand the high burden on the prosecution to prove every element of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt, and we utilize every available defense and argument to get charges dropped or reduced, or show where that reasonable doubt exists.

Domestic Violence

You can be made the subject of a temporary restraining order without even being notified first or having a chance to defend yourself, but you do have the right to a hearing before that order can be put in place for the long-term. Before you allow yourself to get kicked out of your house permanently or forced to stop having contact with your kids, call Trachman & Ballot-Lena for strong, assertive defense.

Federal Offenses

Federal statutes have evolved a wide body of criminal law with highly technical and complicated statutes. Federal law enforcement agencies have seemingly limitless resources to use against you, and much tougher mandatory sentences and exorbitant fines typically await those convicted of federal crimes. Federal law has even made it a crime to make a false statement to a federal officer, and agents use this power to coerce you into pleading guilty or further incriminating yourself. If you are arrested for a federal offense or approached by federal agents, call Trachman & Ballot-Lena, PA immediately.

Violation of Probation

Probationers who violate the terms of their probation in any way or who are charged with a new crime while on probation may find themselves facing revocation of their probation. You have a right to a hearing before your probation can be revoked, and you have the right to be represented by an attorney at this hearing. The state only needs to meet a much lower standard of proof to revoke probation than they do to convict someone of a crime, so having strong, effective defense is essential to keeping your probation from being revoked.

Get Immediate Help from an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

For practical legal advice and excellent representation in a Fort Lauderdale drug crime prosecution, call Trachman & Ballot-Lena, PA at 954-462-2208 or Mr. Trachman’s cellphone at 954-288-9293 to have your case reviewed at no cost by an experienced and successful Broward County criminal defense attorney.

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